Gramma visiting always makes for a fun time! This time the destination was the park around the corner.

Sweet Pea usually runs around following Cutie Pie and doing what he can…climbing the stairs and sometimes being daring and trying the wavy slide, running to the smaller structure climbing the stairs and sometimes trying the bumpy slide, running to the swings and laying on his belly over one while lifting his legs and saying ‘Weeeee!’

This time Sweet Pea did all of those things, and then, much to our surprise, ran to the giant slide, climbed up it like he’d done it all his life (with Gramma close behind, of course, but not having to help at all) then, after getting to the top, making his way back down the ladder, again with little help. A few minutes later he wanted to climb it again. This time I climbed with him and when we got to the top he asked to be picked up, so we went down the slide together. Boy did that child smile!

I find it a little funny that my children will be a little more adventurous with my parents around, but many times go back to their ‘normal’ curiosity after they leave. We’ll see if this was one of those instances the next time we go to the park!

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