Halloween Candy Toddler Sorting

This was the first time Sweet Pea went out on halloween night, if you can call going to 4 houses going out! We’re not that big into halloween in this house due to my prior very negative experiences with it. However, we decided to let our kiddos dress up as a day that they could pretend they are something else (since it was very difficult for Cutie Pie to understand why there were so many decorations and a party at MOMs club). As you could tell from Wednesday’s post, Sweet Pea was a dinosaur, actually they were both dinosaurs.

Today we let Sweet Pea choose a candy out of his ‘stash’ and he chose Skittles. Hubby and I were talking with Cutie Pie when all of a sudden we realized Sweet Pea had organized his Skittles by color, and as we watched him eat his treat, we realized he was very particular to eat all of one color before beginning the next! I just thought that the cutest thing, since he’s only almost 2 and we have never done sorting with him before!


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