Happy Birthday Cutie Pie!

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Newborn Cutie Pie
1 yr old Cutie Pie

Happy Birthday Cutie Pie! Four years ago today Cutie Pie was born! He was 11 days overdue, born lethargic, very little crying, and had his own team of doctors and nurses waiting for him when he came out. The first 6 months of his life he hardly cried, more of a whimper, but boy was he an alert little fella! He started talking at 10 months, and started speaking 6 word sentences at 14 months! It was difficult for Hubby and I to remember sometimes that he was a little one when he was 2 years old as he would have complete conversations with us and was learning new words and using them properly so quickly.

2 yrs old!
3 yrs old!
Birthday boy at Christmas

Now he is 4! We spent last night at a preschool open house fair. That was so surreal! He told me yesterday that he can’t wait to start preschool (or Universal Pre-Kindergarten if he gets in – it’s a lottery system here) and he seemed to know just what I was talking about when I said it would mean he’d go to school either several mornings or afternoons a week!

Anyway, back to reality! We’ve been doing a lot of science experiments instead of play, at Cutie Pie’s request, based on two books we recently acquired. One book is an e-book, which I am reviewing and posting about next week, called 60 Quick and Easy Science Experiments with Everyday Items, put out by Touch of Home Learning. The other book is called  365 More Simple Science Experiments with everyday materials

Yesterday we made a balloon rocket, constellation scopes and did an experiment called Anti-Gravity Water, all out of the book from Touch of Home. Cutie Pie kept asking for more! I love it! We’ve also been playing with inclined planes, breaking eggs as if they were Humpty Dumpty, and building walls. You can check out my post from yesterday to see more about all of those!

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  1. amandab

    Sorry I am so late stopping by, I really don't know what happened to the last week!

    Happy birthday Cutie Pie! I love how you have pictures in the same setting for all the years, it really shows how much he has grown and changed! He really does look like a big boy 🙂


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