I Remember – Reading Out Loud

I clearly remember first grade reading group. I remember sitting in a hard wood chair at a low table which made my teacher have to sit with her knees to the side when she had her reading book open in front of her. I remember feeling like I was a good reader, thinking I was in the top reading group, but still so incredibly nervous when it came time for me to take my turn reading my assigned section out loud.

I remember comparing myself to those who read before me and to those who read after me. Do I read as well as they do?

I remembered those feelings so clearly when my first grader Cutie Pie raised his hand to read in Sunday School a couple of weeks ago. Even more vividly when he didn’t read after another child said “He can’t read! He’ll just say ‘Blah, blah,blah’.” As a helper in the room I watched his confidence fall, you could clearly see it in his posture. The Sunday School teacher later kindly talked to the other child about encouraging others.

The past several weeks I have seen the confidence Cutie Pie has in reading go up again with reading nightly and lots of encouragement. Of course, I have no idea what his reading experience has been in school.

Once again I found myself as a helper in Sunday School this past Sunday and saw Cutie Pie raise his hand to read. Immediately he looked at me with a little doubt in his eye, but that same other child caused CP’s head to turn when he said “I know you can read it this time!”

When it came his turn to read, Cutie Pie read loudly and clearly. His bright smile when he was done was a beautiful sight!

I remember reading out loud and feeling the pressure. I don’t remember the encouragement that came from the teacher or other students. I am so thankful Cutie Pie was greeted with encouragement and succeeded!

What experiences do you remember as a child that you find yourself witnessing your child experience?
What ways do you encourage your child to encourage others?

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