Ice Ornaments

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Just before Christmas we had so much snow. We had decorated the inside already and Cutie Pie asked when we would be decorating outside. That’s when I remembered this neat idea to make ice ornaments to hang on a tree! I had seen this idea in several places, but loved the Lego look of these! This was the perfect project for Cutie Pie and I do do instead of a hot cocoa date!
First get out some tins, cupcake tins, empty yogurt containers, anything you’d like to use as a mold for your ornaments. One place I saw large ice wreaths with cranberries inside, made from an angel cake mold.
Also have string, yarn, unbent paperclips, or anything else you’d like to use as hangers ready to go. We used unbent paperclips as they seemed easiest to hang over a tree branch because you could adjust the hook.
Next, gather some items you might like to place inside the ice, like pine cones, an unbreakable ornament, birdseed, cranberries, if you’d like. Remember, if you are using something that doesn’t melt or food for the animals you’ll have to bring it in later.

Fill up your containers with water and add food coloring to create your desired color. (fine motor, science – colors) We made ours vibrant, or so we thought. Next time we’ll add more coloring and we’ll make a lot more or make bigger ornaments!

Add your contents, if any, remembering to add a hanger.

Then either set outside on a flat surface (if it is cold enough) or in the freezer to freeze! (science) When everything is frozen remove from the mold and hang outside on a tree or clothesline, anything that needs some color and enjoy!

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