Kindergarten Registration

Hubby and I had an interesting evening the other night. We spent it with other parents of almost-kindergarteners registering our kids for this coming school year. It wasn’t quite as surreal as I anticipated. It was actually a little fun as I got to see other moms whose paths haven’t crossed mine in a while.

The part of the evening that was the ‘big reality’ for me was looking through the informational packet that describes what your child should know when coming to school. Recognizing their name, the ability to write their name in upper and lower cases, and the “ability to clap, jump, hop to a rhythm (honestly, I know many adults who cannot do this!) are on this list. On another list is what to send to school with your child on the first day including $20 special project fee and 10 large glue sticks. I’m wondering what the special projects will be and what they need all that glue for! I’m sure I’ll find out and be excited when Cutie Pie brings it home for me!

Cutie Pie on the other hand expressed his excitement for kindergarten with “I’m so excited! I can’t wait to see what I’m going to learn in a big school!”

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