Learning through Outdoor Games

Each morning Sweet Pea and I run around with Cutie Pie playing tag while we wait for the bus. Most mornings we stay out, otherwise I can’t get Sweet Pea to go back outside without a lot of complaining. I love sneaky learning through outside play! Over the next few weeks I’ll share some simple, creative ways my kids play and the ways I try to include some learning in it.

Outdoor Games

One morning recently we continued to play tag after Cutie Pie got on the bus. Tag is a popular game on playgrounds and in backyards, right? One person is ‘it’ and counts while the others hide and is normally played with more than two children. Since we play with just two I thought I’d share how we play!

Sweet Pea usually is the first to hide. I count to 10 and then he runs. Then I call out things like “run in a circle” or “run 5 steps then stop” and he starts following directions. Just like the books say, I keep things to about 2 or 3 simple directions at a time, giving him time to process things in between.

Um, have you noticed I didn’t mention me tagging him? He has so much fun running and squealing that he doesn’t even realize we aren’t playing tag or hide and seek. Even when we play tag with Cutie Pie he doesn’t seem to notice he’s never tagged!

The sneaky learning: counting, coordination, following directions, taking turns

How do you switch games up for your little ones to learn or at least participate at their level?

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