Letter D

Sweet Pea has not been very interested in his letters, learning his letters, coloring his letters, or anything else obviously related to letters. When he and I are alone all he wants to do is play. That is fine, and it’s easy to sneak in learning colors, counting and other things, but not always easy to teach letters if there are no obvious letters to point out! We do, however, still do lots of activities related to the letters we’re learning. This is a long explanation for why I haven’t posted any Mama’s Week in Review lately! Sometimes letter-related things just aren’t in the forefront of my mind.

Anyway, here’s what we did for letter D:

Social Emotional:

  • Sweet Pea, Cutie Pie and I spent time at Rochester Museum and Science Center checking out the Dinosaur skeleton, playing with each other and other little ones in the ‘Dig pit’. 1) dinosaur skeleton 2) fossils 3) dinosaur images 4) daring climbers 5) dinosaur shadow


  • Dots on letter D with a paint Dabber
  • Wrote letter D on chalkboard
  • Listed words beginning with letter D


  • Dots on letter D
  • stamped with dinosaurs on the letter D

Science and Physical: Fine and Gross Motor:

  • Dinosaur fossil excavation (picture) that will roll over to next week with letter E (fine motor)
  • Played a lot in the Raceways section of Rochester Museum and Science Center with the DISH, which is a big plastic funnel on a board frame where children can send balls down a chute and watch the balls gain speed as the funnel narrows until they finally fall out the bottom! (gross motor)
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