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We’ve been a little lax about reinforcing learning this summer, instead doing experiments and ‘sneaky’ learning through talking about our various experiences. With three weeks left until Cutie Pie heads off to Kindergarten I decided we’d do the letter of the day just to review and to get Sweet Pea reacquainted with them. I will share what we did for each letter over several posts, though, because some days we did more than others due to weather and other circumstances.

Letter L was a pretty fun one to review since both boys are really enjoying playing with LEGOs lately. I am reviewing the letters in a different order, beginning with Ll, since this will be easiest for Sweet Pea to try to write. (I saw this on 1+1+1=1 and thought I’d try it.)
The boys recognized our letter of the day quickly (I had fun making it) and began brainstorming words beginning with it, coming up with quite a list. They then realized I had written Ls on every writing surface and picked out the letters on our alphabet things.

First things first, the boys did a little estimating. I simply placed some LEGOs in two cups of different sizes and asked them to guess how many were in each. It was interesting the means they each used to come up with an estimate. Sweet Pea used LEGOs of the same size that were on the same tray and counted them, then placed them in an extra cup I had provided. Cutie Pie simply looked into the cup and threw out a number. (I didn’t question either method.)

We then got to work playing a LEGO game, which Cutie Pie loved!

Tomorrow I’ll share our experiment of the day for letter L.

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