Letter of the Day – Letter L (post 2)

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After reviewing the letter L a little and doing some fun things with LEGOs (posted here) we began talking about our experiment of the day ~ (and sorry for the delay in this post…I miss my iPad! Sharing a computer for photos makes my blogging a little more difficult, but I’ll have my iPad soon and will be posting regularly again!)

Building a balloon-powered LEGO car!

Cutie Pie was very excited about this experiment and got to work almost immediately. I actually pulled him back with questions to consider:

  • what do we need to make it?
  • how big should it be?
  • how many wheels are needed?
  • should it be wide or narrow?
  • what might keep it from working?
He thought these over and got to work with a plan! I was tempted to help him, but decided this is one experiment he should do on his own. Meanwhile, Sweet Pea and I created our own vehicle to try!
Here is Cutie Pie’s first attempt:

This didn’t work because there was too much space for the mouth of the balloon and when inflated it would deflate and fly away.

This is what we finally came up with. It didn’t move very quickly, actually only a matter of inches, but it moved by power of the balloon!
We followed this experiment with Cutie Pie’s own extension of it. I’ll post about that another day!

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