Letter P week activities

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Letter P learning ideas at https://momistheonlygirl.com
Play Plumbing

Pray, Pierce, Pie, Pumpkin, Pringles, Pop, Punch, Pride, Push, Pin, Pinch, Poke, Pudding, Plane, Penguin, Pajamas, Picnic, Peanut butter cookies, Prince, Plan, Planetarium, Paint, Playdough, Picnic

We had so much fun working with the letter P this week. Some of our Letter P activities for the week follow:

  • Picnicked indoors
  • Painted a lot on a variety of Paper
  • Made Playdough
  • Played with two different kinds of homemade Playdough – poked lots of holes
  • Searched for the letter P at The Strong National Museum of Play
  • Looked up Panda bears to learn a little about them
  • Played with my crafting hole Punches
  • Enjoyed a snack of Pudding
  • Spent a day in our Pajamas
  • Thought about making Peanut Butter cookies (but I didn’t have enough peanut butter)
  • Played and played
  • visited Rochester Museum and Science Center and played with the plumbing area of their new construction jobs exhibit

To reinforce forming the letter P and recognizing it in print we:

  • Created the letter P in shaving cream
  • Covered a letter P in stickers of things starting with the letter P
  • Tried to create letter Ps with Playdough – with one kind it worked, with the other it didn’t
  • Painted a letter P printout
  • Created a letter P with paint and a Paintbrush
  • Searched for the Letter P on signs at every store we visited
  • Searched for the Letter P in every book we read

What we could have done, but didn’t:

  • Played with pom-poms – games, crafts
  • Played at a Park (except it’s winter here, so we didn’t)
  • Pencil drawings
  • Learned about Princes – had them make crowns, learn about being a child of the King
  • Pretend Dr. play – being a patient

For some of the activities we’ve done in the past to reinforce and learn the letter P check here:

Mama’s Week in Review – Letter P (When my boys were younger!)
P is for Painting
P is for Prince
Milk Plastic

What other ways are you helping your preschooler learn the letter P?

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