Letter P

Please. Polite. Pour. Punxsutawney Phil. Penguin. Pepper. Paste. Pretty. Plane. Plastic. Pasta. Pen.

Social/Emotional: Field trip to Play at The Strong National Museum of Play. 


  1. Cutie Pie and Sweet Pea counted straws this week. Cutie Pie also helped me measure and cut index cards to 1″ x 5″ to make straw Planes!
  2. Straw Plane Directions: Take a straw and 3 pieces of 1″ x 5″ card stock (we used the index cards). Tape two pieces end to end to make a circle, tape this to one end of the straw. Tape the remaining piece together to make a circle and tape that to the other end of the straw. Voila! A straw Plane! The boys loved these! I found this idea on All for the Boys.
  3. We made Milk Plastic!

Literacy: Cutie Pie’s name starts with the letter P, so he’s pretty good at writing this letter. Sweet Pea not so much. He had fun using a glue stick inside the letter P outline I gave him. He really enjoyed this, but got a little carried away with the glue stick and used the entire thing! (Sticky boy!) Cutie Pie helped decide on the thing starting with P that we should stick to our letter and he chose Pepper! He also came up with that little list of P words up there!


  1. Glued pepper onto the outline of a letter P. (Coordination, fine motor)
  2. We made groundhogs out of construction paper hearts. I got this idea from here. Of course we named him Punxsutawney Phil since we made him on Groundhog Day!

Physical: Fine and Gross Motor: 

  1. scissor practice cutting Punxsutawney. 
  2. Cutie Pie traced his letter P and practiced writing it on the chalkboard. 
  3. Sweet Pea picked up lots of peas from his tray while scooping in his pea-filled sensory box!

One thing I found, but that I wasn’t able to print out until after P week was over (but is really fun now that we have played!) is a Penguin game found here!


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