Mama’s week in review – letter S

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Senses. Smells. Spring. String. Sew. Straw. Spiders. Sun. Sand. Snow. Sorting. Stool. Star. Snort. Spin. Square. Swing. Sky. Story. Seeds. Sow. Snail. Snake. Small. Strum. Splash. Shapes. Scary. Skip. Stinky. Sweet. Spicy. Scout. Socialize. Shamrock. Show.

My Mom’s S card for the boys

This week our Bible Story was the Parable of the Sower. Last year Cutie Pie and I planted hosta Seeds indoors and then transplanted them when it got warmer out. I asked if he’d want to do this again this year and he said he’d like to be the waterer. We talked about what kind of Seeds we would need for hostas and a variety of other plants to grow, how it had to be the right kind of Seed to produce the expected plant. I introduced the idea of planting Seeds for weeds and asked what the result would be. We have a few Stepping Stones in a corner of the yard where the hostas grow and asked what would happen if we left a few Seeds on them. He hypothesized they would not grow because there was no dirt and that they would be stepped on. Then we talked about the Parable of the Sower and what it meant for a farmer to plant crops in his fields, eventually extending that to what we put in our hearts and how we grow as a result. We talked a little about how some people hear about God’s love and don’t act on it, or act on it a little and then forget, but related this more to how a Mommy or Daddy teach to not touch something hot, but a child continues to get burned because they want to. He remembered this Bible Story a lot more readily than some of the others we’ve talked about this past year.

Science Experiment – The letter S lends itself really well to many Science experiments. I chose to do one with the senses, particularly the Sense of Smell and taste. My hubby likes Spicy foods and the kiddos tend more toward liking Spicy than mild (like me), so when I was going through the cupboard to find Spices for this experiment we ended up a little lopsided with cinnamon, Salt, onion powder, Sugar, brown Sugar, cumin, chili powder, and paprika. I put a tiny bit of each into a Small bowl and Cutie Pie told me what he observed – color, the texture he Saw. Then he told me what he Smelled –  Spicy, Sweet, Stinky. He then picked up a very tiny amount, basically enough to cover the tip of his finger and told me what it felt like – Smooth, granular, Silky. And then, before he tasted a tiny bit, he told me what he thought it would taste like based on the Smell. Of course, some he absolutely didn’t mind at all because it was Sweet, as he told me, others he drank Some milk with because they were Spicy. Even though there were Some Spices he definitely didn’t like, he Said he really loved this experiment and wants to do it again with different foods!

More Science – We also made rockets that Soar as a result of blowing through a Straw!

Here’s a how to:
– take a piece of light paper (we used printer paper) and have the child roll it into a tube, tape the paper in place
– cut the tube so that the end of a Straw will Stick out slightly when inserted into the tube
– take a Semi-circle cut from the same type of paper and put the straight edges together to make a cone, taping it in place, leaving no Spaces for leaking air
– add some wings to the bottom if desired, taping them in place
To make your rocket fly insert a Straw all the way to the inside of the cone, give it a blow while holding onto only the straw and watch your rocket Soar!


The other simple S things we did this past week were making play-dough snakes and snails (fine motor), listening to Sweet Pea tell us all the shapes he knows – especially Squares (math)! We Socialized with neighbors and good friends (yes, I know it’s a fancy word for play date, but we’re in S week!) We tried to Skip. (gross motor, coordination)  Cutie Pie told us lots of Stories! (language arts) We dealt a lot with Cutie Pie and Separation anxiety.


Some things I thought of that we didn’t do were Sowing Seeds, Sewing Scrap material, String painting/String block painting/Sponge painting, making Spiders out of bottle caps and pipe cleaners and Stringing necklaces. Maybe when I do this all again with Sweet Pea!

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