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Have you tried pure maple syrup before? If you’ve been to a maple sugaring festival before, you’ve probably seen several ‘types’ of maple syrup, ranging from dark amber to light. The lighter the amber, the less maple-y the taste.

The gentleman at the festival explained the darkness depends on several things including the weather conditions over the winter and how long the sap was boiled (how much water evaporation took place). I tried to find information on the internet to support this information and found so many sources of information, that I thought I’d simplify things and suggest just doing a taste test at a festival and talk to someone who actually makes the syrup. They can tell you the specific preparation process for the syrup you liked best.

So if you are heading to the store to buy some pure maple syrup and want to buy what my kiddos and I like the best, purchase some dark amber. It has a wonderfully maple-y taste! You might be a little shocked at the price, but it does last longer than store-bought, as the flavor is richer and it is much more thin! Enjoy!

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