Measuring with Duplos

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Cutie Pie was so into building with his LEGOs in the beginning of summer that I thought I’d put a spin on it and measure with Sweet Pea’s Duplos.

Instead of just measuring indoors, we donned out ‘scientist’ hats, grabbed our box of Duplos and headed out to the recently vegetable garden with a chart from STEMmom in hand. (I didn’t link to the specific post because so much of what I’ve found on this site is awesome and I’d love for you to check it out!)

We simply decided which plants we’d measure and Cutie Pie started locking our Duplos together, counting how many pieces were stacked when they were as tall as the plant! We then found our sheet for the appropriate vegetable and put an X on our chart next to the corresponding height and in the column for the date.

Cutie Pie was so into this when we did it that he asked if we could measure the plant often. I said sure, because that was what I was thinking, too. However, turns out he wasn’t as excited about it after all as he never would go out with me to measure again. He has brought it up as a ‘Remember when we measured the tomatoes with our Duplos. We should have done that every day!’ But when I bring up actually going out and measuring he wants nothing to do with it. I decided to let this one slide as there are more important things to be practicing consistency with than measuring a plant, so it’s just not worth the fight.

My admiration for sneaky learning has come into play many times since then, however, as we’ve measured many things indoors with his LEGOs and he seems to love it!

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