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How often do you read for entertainment? I mean more than just the newspaper gossip column.
We were at the library about a month ago and it dawned on me that I never read anymore. I mean, not for my own enjoyment. I read books to the boys all the time, but to read a book to stimulate my own mind is not anything I do when I have “down time” – usually it’s laundry, dishes, mopping…all the things a mom is supposed to do. But it is important for a mom to read, too, and not just so kids will copy us and read.
This book, Hot Moms Handbook, was sitting with it’s cover facing outward in the middle of a row of books lined up with their spines all neatly in a row on the parenting shelf in the library as if it was calling for my attention. At first glance it didn’t seem like something I would read, but reading the back cover peaked my curiosity. So it came home with me.

I read things like…

“I am important, as a woman”…and wife. – pg. 28

“you owe it to yourself…” – pg. 29

My thoughts for you at this point:

How is your mom self-esteem? How do you view yourself?
What descriptor words come to mind when you think of you?
Do you find you always compare yourselves to other mothers, other ladies, the Proverbs 31 woman?
Do you only see where you feel you fall short
(whether in your own mind or what you perceive as the view of others?)
I mention these thoughts because words answering them came to my mind when I started thinking about ‘owing it to myself’ to think of myself as important.

We all know we are important in the role as mom and in the role as wife or daughter but how many times do we actually think of ourselves as important as a woman? Do you ever think about owing it to yourself to like yourself, to improve yourself so that you can be the woman you are meant to be? And who were you meant to be anyway?

Each day is new. You can wake up tomorrow and start fresh with a new attitude and a new way of doing things, take control and stand firm…quoted from page 48.

You can decide that you are ‘worth it’ and that one of the best things you can do for your family is to be at your best. You can wake up and change your mindset when you find things repeatedly get you down.

How do you view yourself? How do you describe yourself?

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