Music Appreciation with Daddy

Cutie Pie is really into dinosaurs and saw a Jurassic Park toy commercial on youtube and he started humming the music. Hubby is taking advantage of this and they’re spending time listening to the theme music to the movie. Of course, that leads to theme music to other movies, too!

Cutie Pie is just eating this up. It’s a great way for him to get his Daddy time and Daddy is loving spending time with him sharing something he loves! They use their imaginations and share what they think might be happening at different points in the music. (Of course, Cutie Pie has never seen the movies, but the music is worth listening to!)

If you try this let me know! What a way to get a boy to listen to classical music!


  1. sandra tyler says:

    Ok we have plenty in common. I too am outnumbered, with two boys, 17 months apart and my husband who really could just be a third boy sometimes. That’s why when we got gerbils I insisted they be girls. My boys crinkled their noses in disgust.

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