My View

From up in the plane I look down and see clouds dotting a manicured landscape, one of neatly organized roads, obviously planned by someone or some organization. Other times I look down to see white clouds, some white and fluffy, building up in towers like cotton balls piled on top of each other sometimes letting the ground below peak through, some wispy and almost see-through, other times all I see is white.

As I sit and observe I am reminded how life is like this view. Sometimes everything falls in line, works out as if there is some ultimate plan designed for me with no obstacles. Other times little (or sometimes big) happenings seem to grow into an unclimbable hill, barring my way until I find a small opening to breathe and make my way again. Still other times everything seems cloudy, like I’m always searching for the end of whatever is on my mind.

My view from this plane reminds me that life is not always an easy road. Sometimes it intersects with others, maybe many others, like roads coming together neatly surrounded by many buildings that you can immediately recognize as a community. Other times the road may be lonely, dotted with only one or two buildings or houses, but surrounded by dark green fields that are sometimes lush with life, other times brown with trials.

Sometimes I look out my window to see the horizon. Maybe a coastline. Maybe the white clouds meeting the blue sky. The horizon reminds me trials end. The present is simply my dreams from yesterday being lived out today. Life goes on beyond the horizon, we just can’t see it.

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