Nature Tracking

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What do you think made these footprints?

I’ve posted before about the boys looking for animals’ tracks while at their Grandpa’s house. It was so fun to look for them in the snow at Cummings Nature Center on their trails while at the Maple Sugaring Festival.

Can you see the deer footprint?

Before we set out we noticed pictures of animal footprints next to pictures of the actual animals. On our adventure walking on the trails we noticed lots of animal tracks. We had lots of fun trying to remember what tracks went to what animals.

We noticed tracks from deer, bunnies, squirrels, and a fox (or some animal with 5 toes, we weren’t really sure.) There were a lot of snow-covered tracks off the beaten path, but not knowing what was under the snow we wouldn’t let the kiddos go investigating.

It was a lot of fun talking about what the animals might have been doing while they were making these tracks, and about what each of them eats when the ground is snow-covered!

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