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With spring cleaning and organizing starting I though I’d share abut Mind Organization for Moms, an organizing program at Power of Moms. I’ve posted about it here and here in the past, and although I do not live by every part of this organizing method, there are components of it that I rely on heavily to keep me organized so that I can balance family time and responsibilities. 

The Power of Moms Mind Organization Program

I used to have a basic idea of what needed to be done every week, but didn’t really try to ‘schedule’ things. When I had kiddos I realized I had to have more of a routine because when I did things seemed to go more smoothly. Now that I have a Kindergartener and a preschooler, I write everything down and have a set day to get things done, and M.O.M. was the method that truly helped me realize this was what I needed!

I plan for my week on Sunday evenings and have things written down so I’m not scrambling at the last minute to be somewhere or get things done. M.O.M. has given me a great outline to follow and tools to utilize (or pull from)  in order to stay on top of things, which has allowed me to spend time being present with my kids, not playing with them but worrying about what I should be doing instead.

I know there are a lot of organizing methods out there and it makes sense that there are. I mean, we all know that not everyone is the same and therefore not all organizing methods are going to be perfect for everyone, right? But seriously, check this out, it may be just the thing to get you organized and keep you organized so that you really can get your spring cleaning done!

(Mind Organization for Moms isn’t free, but they have a great payment philosophy. Power of Moms wants all moms to have access to these programs, even if they are not in a financial position to purchase them. That’s one thing that is so neat about Power of Moms, they want to equip all moms to be better, not just ones that can afford to pay.)

(One or more of the above links are affiliate links. I am affiliate for Power of Moms after receiving one or more products in exchange for honest reviews (previously posted). However, I continue to use their products because I honestly am benefiting from them. I am providing an honest opinion based solely on my positive experience with the products.)

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