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We went to see the local philharmonic orchestra concert for kids, called OrKidstra, on Sunday, which just so happened to make a very nice Mother’s Day for me! Cutie Pie had been once before, but not Sweet Pea! We weren’t sure how he would do, but he did great!

My husband was a professional bass player in a symphony and is now a string music teacher at the grade-school level, so musical exposure for our kids is very important to us. We don’t want them to only hear classical, or only jazz, or only pop radio music; only clarinets, only basses, or only voice. We want them to hear it all and to discover what makes ‘good’ music and why they like the instruments that attract them.
The OrKidstra performances are by the actual philharmonic members and are about an hour long, and geared toward exposing children to various classical musical pieces. (They also understand that children are children and can’t be expected to sit like grown-ups for these performances so the atmosphere is a little more relaxed with babies crying and parents taking toddlers to the bathroom while they are playing.) We heard the Babar story previously and yesterday we heard Firebird, in addition to two other pieces, and saw a light puppet show while it was being performed. Sweet Pea was a little antsy by the time it was performed, but cuddled contently in my arms as I stood in the rear of the auditorium and held him so he could see the puppet show. Cutie Pie sat with Hubby and listened intently to the story as it was told before the performance and Hubby repeated it to him as the piece was performed. He was mesmerized!
I love having opportunities like this to expose my children to more than what I had as a child. I love to encourage a love for the arts! Something like this also teaches patience, social skills, listening, music appreciation and so much more…plus it’s a nice treat for the parents who love this music and can’t get out to concerts!

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