Painting to Start the Day

Sweet Pea found some paints we hadn’t opened yet, so we painted the other morning! Sometimes I gotta run with his ideas for activities rather than introduce them on my own. I’ve found this gets him more involved (and for longer) than if I had suggested it.

Sweet pea at one point was using the pointed end of his paintbrush to draw designs in his painting, so I pulled out the utensils and showed him how he could use a few and then sat back. He loved making designs with the fork!

Cutie Pie has had art class at school this past year, so got right to work drawing an outline of Toothless, then filling it in with black paint. It’s been a while since I saw him paint and he has definitely improved. His tactics are different, now, too, starting with drawing, then trying out shades of paint and a little technique work on his paper towel before beginning.

This was a great way to start our day. In the past I pulled out the paints or finger paints when we needed a mood change. Looking back on how the day went, everyone definitely stayed more positive for longer! I have to wonder if it was in part due to starting the day in a creative, more sensory way.

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