Reading Challenge

Being read to is so integral to learning to read.

Cutie Pie came home a few weeks ago with a calendar on which to write the minutes of reading he does each day. The goal for every month is 400 minutes. That’s basically 13 minutes of reading (or being read to) a day. Does that sound like a lot to you or are you already pretty much doing that with your kiddos?

Cutie Pie is well over this 400 minutes mark, and that doesn’t include a couple of weeks since they started this challenge a bit into the start of the month. No, I’m not gloating here. I’m trying to help you see that this is a huge goal to some. One they might need a lot of help to achieve.

There are many students in this district who are first generation Americans, and many in his school fit this category. While 400 minutes of reading might be easily attainable for Cutie Pie with a stay at home mom in a home that speaks entirely English, I’m sure it is quite a challenge for others. Some parents speak their native language in their home and English only to those who do not speak their language, like my next door neighbors. From past work in a daycare setting, I know that some kiddos are with caregivers or in a center setting until late, go home, eat dinner and go to bed with little opportunity to be read to or have help with homework. Some are in single-parent families where the parents work long hours. The stories can go on.

Do you have an opportunity to volunteer in your child’s school? Many times when we think of volunteering we think of helping in the classroom. Maybe you can volunteer more specifically to read to a child? Could you volunteer in a daycare to read?

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