Roller Coaster Building – teamwork

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“Roller coasters need to go straight down, How will we do that?”

(block fell) Maybe that block was too heavy.

“No we have to push that block into place.”

“Now we need to crane that can put more wood on the dump truck.”

I said ” You guys are working really well as a team!” Cutie Pie responded with, ” Wow, I guess we really are!”

It was so interesting listening to my boys try to build a roller coaster out of wood blocks! (In the end they decided building a bridge was easier.)

Playing together takes a certain degree of cooperation. Building together takes that and more. There’s coordination – both physically and mentally working with another on the same task, cooperation, communication, willing to experiment involving trial and error, working towards the same goal and the list goes on.

Sometimes as parents we see our kiddos playing with others and think ‘how great they’re getting along’ when so much more can be appreciated. Of course, I’ll take ‘look at how great they’re getting along’ any day as long as there are no major squabbles!

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