Separation Anxiety

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Today marks the end of the first week of school around here. As I suspected, Cutie Pie has had no problems going off to school in the mornings! He even feels like a big boy because he has to cross in front of the bus to get on!

Sweet Pea starts preschool on Monday. Remember last year, when he gained super hero strength every time I dropped him of at two-day preschool? I’m hoping it doesn’t happen again…I seriously don’t want bruises on my legs like that again!

I’m not sure when your kiddos started back to school, but thought I would share links to these two posts to give you ideas of how to help your child if they are a little scared to leave your side in the mornings. I hope they help or lead you to resources that do!

Dealing with Separation Anxiety


Help Alleviate Back to School Separation Anxiety – This post includes links to sources I found helpful when I was dealing with this with Sweet Pea when he was three



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