Silly Putty Textures

Are you as scared of small hands playing with silly putty on carpet as much as I am? Well, one day the boys got hold of some. They were very responsible with it, though! I supervised closely once I saw what Cutie Pie wanted to do with it. What a fun little texture/sense of touch experiment he came up with!

Cutie Pie pressed silly putty onto different surfaces throughout the house. He discovered that it doesn’t stick to a lot of things. (Thankfully he didn’t press very hard!) The impressions left from the sofa, the table and chairs, the refrigerator, the paper…all were fascinating to Cutie Pie!

“Look at the texture from my hand! Sort of like a leaf!”

“The table and paper didn’t really make any marks.”

“Look at the tiny marks from the (dining room) floor.”

“What would happen if I put it on my nose?”

I was most impressed that he didn’t just observe what impression was made. He related it back to what made the impression and discussed the texture of the surface. After seeing impressions of a couple of surfaces he also began hypothesizing what the resulting texture would be – smooth, bumpy – and began searching for similar textures to make impressions of!

I wish I had thought of this as a more ‘formal’ experiment, but, once again, Cutie Pie surprised me by coming up with this one on his own! Love it! I’m hoping if he does this again we can experiment with outdoor surfaces!

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