Spider Web Alphabet Game

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This is a little variation on the game I mentioned a bit ago (the alphabet matching game) but involves a little more fine motor work.

First take a large sheet of paper, butcher paper-size would be fun, and write letters all over the paper and draw one star, which is the starting point.

Next make cubes out of foam alphabet squares. (Or make several cubes out of card stock and write letters of the alphabet on each flat side.)

Have a marker or crayon nearby and let the child pick a cube to roll like a die. The child draws a line from the star to the first letter.

Have them continue rolling, each time connecting the written letter to the one that was last rolled.

In the end you should have a whole bunch of lines all over the paper like a spider web. (A great activity for halloween time!) You can leave it like it is or color in the spaces formed by the lines with different colors!

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