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Go Baby GoWe listen to a lot of music around here. One song repeatedly asked for by Sweet Pea, my toddler, is Go Baby Go, on the Baby Loves Jazz CD (I linked with a picture if you’re interested. They have a lot of cute kid songs all in jazz style by adults, which is nice variety when you’re sick of listening to little kids singing). Often times he’ll be sitting playing by himself and we’ll hear him singing this and then he’ll jump up and ask to hear it.

This song asks Baby to shake their hand, foot, arm, head and leg and various points throughout it. Sweet Pea loves this! He dances or jumps through the chorus and giggles like crazy. Then when they specify a body part he concentrates really hard, but smiling all the while, and wiggles or shakes that body part like he’s asked. He especially loves it when we move along to the song with him and the bigger the movements we make the better and he absolutely loves to copy whatever movement we’re making even if it’s super silly!

What do you listen to that gets you and your kiddos moving?

Check out We Play at Childhood 101!

(Oh, and I’m not being compensated or doing an official review or anything of this CD. It’s just one we listen to a lot!)


  1. Hey, I am definately going to review these CD's. I am incharge of the music program at our preschool and one of my joys is discovering great children's movement CD's. You might enjoy checking out the Dr.Jean CD,s. They are perfect for young children. Thanks for stopping by waddleeahchaa.com. You might enjoy last Wed. post on matn with a little compassion mixed in. 🙂 joyce

  2. amandab says:

    I love that today there is such a wealth of good music for children that adults can enjoy too. And so much variety in styles too! My Princess loves jazz, and after contstantly listening to The Princess and the Frog soundtrack I am thinking we need to get a bit more zydeco playing too!

    Dan Zanes is a particular favourite in this house, and once I have the funds bumped up again I am going to purchase the downloads of his releases missing from our collection 🙂

  3. Jackie H. says:

    I'm always looking for new CDs. Especially for Christmas presents. My boys get so many toys from Grandparents that I try to focus on books and music for them. thanks for the suggestion.

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