Who are you?

Have you lost yourself as a mom?

Sometimes I think I have.

My 4 year old is going to 3 day preschool this year and full day Kindergarten the following and I’ve found myself contemplating what I’d like to do with my life. That in itself is sort of silly since I’ve been married almost 20 years and only the last 6 years of it has been ‘at home’ with my kiddos. You’d think I’d have an idea or would be going back to the field I left (medical transcription), but anyway…

I recently stumbled across a blog by Elisa Pulliam (a life coach) that has made me ponder that opening  question ~ have you lost yourself as a mom. I found her blog as I was doing a little searching after reading the book in mentioned later in this post.

I also started wondering about who I am after I read Hot Mom Handbook and was thinking about how to become me to the fullest, but in my case the ‘true’ me that God created me to be.

I saw an inventory of talents and skills on one of Elisa Pulliam’s printouts (which I just cannot find on her site – I get so sidetracked looking at all the info she shares!) in which you are to think of what you enjoy doing and what you do well and are given a list of ideas. I found myself simply reading, not being able to relate to any of them except maybe a few, and those only in the past tense. This is what made me think (again) about putting this question out there, as much for me as for you…

Who are you, Mom?

Do you have goals, dreams, ambitions for your life that are for you and not centered on your children?
Do you have girlfriends? Those you can truly talk with or are they all just acquaintances you made through your child’s friends whom you see every once in a while at child drop off or for a play date?
Do you feel fulfilled, nurtured, growing in any way?
Who are you? What defines you?
What are you trying to achieve? Mom perfection? To be the Proverbs 31 woman?
Have I made you think about who you are?

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