Writing Skills

Cutie Pie seems not to have an interest in learning how to write and his teacher has talked with me a few times about it now.

One night Cutie Pie and I were talking. I was commenting on his awesome drawing skills and it led to talking about how he doesn’t seem to like to write. He said “But Daddy never writes.”

This made me wonder why I hear so much of ‘your child needs to see you reading to get an interest in reading’, but never have heard ‘your child needs to see you writing to have an interest in writing.’ It made sense several years ago, but with children learning how to use a computer before they even go to school, I’m wondering.

I thought about it more and he’s right. His Daddy usually does his writing on the computer when he’s at home. Cutie Pie sees that. He sees me with the pen in my hand paying the bills, filling out the school forms and making out the grocery lists.

Is learning to read and seeing parents read more important or deserve more of an emphasis than seeing them write in this computer-emphasized age? I would love to hear your comments on this.

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