Affiliate links imageHave you noticed that every Monday I’ve been trying to bring you a mom-centered post? I am all for sharing ideas for our kiddos, but I think we need to nourish ourselves as moms, too!

Do you have a morning routine? I don’t mean trying to get the breakfast on the table and the kids to school on time. I mean do you, yourself have a morning routine? A few minutes to prep yourself for the day ahead?

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As moms it seems so oddly natural to put others before ourselves and hope for the best when it comes to us. That tends to play itself out as moms hoping to appear presentable, hoping to squeeze in alone time or quiet time, hoping to accomplish something throughout the day with little ones underfoot.

Several months ago I read an idea in Renee Metzler’s book Total Home Makeover (this is the affiliate link) that totally changed my days. The idea was repeated in the 5 Day Life is Messy Challenge at Being proactive with a routine for yourself.

Renee’s daily routine suggestion begins with Me. “Get up and make bed. Go to the bathroom and get gorgeous. Deal with obvious dirt.” Then moves on to My House, including daily tasks like attacking the laundry, washing the dishes and attending to the mail, to keep an orderly home. Then My Mental Check which includes checking the day’s calendar for appointments and things needing to be done. This method is a great way to start the day and be in control of it.

My morning routine is simple. I get up (hopefully) before the boys, make my bed, read a Bible verse to ponder and pray in the shower, spend time trying to look presentable, get the lunches made, breakfast on the table the boys dressed and ready to catch the bus. Then I start in on the dishes and tidy and set my plans for the day. So simple, but it gets me headed in a direction to accomplish something.
Morning routine for moms

Mayi Carles at takes this one step farther, walking you through steps to make every day lead you to your bigger goals. This might be a little too overwhelming for some, but think of it as better planning for your day. Instead of just winging it through the day, having a set list of objectives, a daily routine. Actually having a plan for the day.

For the busy mom with little ones, you can simply relax this idea a little from set times (like on Myai’s printables). You can plan in larger chunks of time like morning, afternoon, after dinner for your day with little ones. (More on this next week.)

For example, instead of just playing until it is almost lunchtime, then realizing the library books are due and trying to figure out how you will get lunch, make a trip to the library and have rest time before they get too cranky. If you have a bigger picture your morning could look more like  visiting the library after a short playtime, then having lunch and then rest time all with no cranky, tired, hungry kids. Just a little planning.

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Check out Mayi’s Day 5 of the challenge. She not only offers free printables, but a step-by-step method to think through and organize your days, weeks, and months to accomplish a goal. Its a great resource when you are looking for something more than just a ‘getting through the day’ approach! (I highly recommend the whole 5 day challenge!)

I’ve had a simple morning routine since reading Renee’s book. (I discovered it through a link on Pinterest.) After my boys entered school I have been trying to discover what I want to be when I grow up. I had found last year when searching for some planners for my blog posting and have loved her resources and videos. This 5 Day Life is Messy challenge just reaffirmed to me that I need more than just a morning routine to accomplish any goals I set for myself!

As a mom, are you just trying to get through each day, but find you’re not getting anywhere? Try creating a morning routine and see if that gets you on your way!