Indoor Letter Hopscotch

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The nice thing about having a large set of foam letters as well as a small set, is that you can play indoor letter hopscotch by making dice with the smaller set and have a gross motor activity for indoors when it is too cold to go out! (The boys have been stuck inside due to frigid temperatures. Have your kids?)

Foam alphabet hop scotch at

Indoor letter hopscotch is really rather simple. Take some large foam letter squares and piece them randomly together on the floor into the shape of a hopscotch board. Then take the matching small letter squares and form them into dice.

Players take turns rolling the dice and hopping to the proper letter, saying each letter out loud as they hop on them. Then they turn and hop back!

alphabet hop scotch with foam letters at

This is such a simple game! I’m sure you’ll make up whatever ‘rules’ fit for you and your kiddos.

We altered it a bit a few times when we didn’t get the small letters out and put every letter out on the floor. Then we picked a letter from a bin of alphabet refrigerator magnets and tried to hop to the correct letter using a few different strategies (like taking the most hops, the longest path to the letter, the shortest path or the fewest hops, etc.)

Alphabet hop scotch ideas

You can alter this and play on a smaller scale with only letters your kiddos know or with numbers if you have number squares, too!

If you don’t have foam letters you can always improvise with masking or painter’s tape, creating letters on the floor, too! (As always, use your smarts and be safe with this activity!)

Action: Share one fun way you use foam alphabet squares in your home or give Indoor Letter hopscotch a try and let us know how it went!

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