Balloon Play

We didn’t have many balloons at Sweet Pea’s birthday party, but we did have a few. As I was taking them down, Sweet Pea and I came up with fun game to play with them yesterday. I mean, we all tend to do the ‘What color is this balloon?’ or ‘How many…’ but I knew he needed something more!
Sweet Pea loves to toss balloons and try to catch them. This is fun, but not really so much fun for Mommy. It turned into me calling out “arm”, “elbow”, “knee” and every other body part and us trying to bounce the balloon with it. Sweet Pea and I got giggling! Definitely a toddler/young-preschooler approved activity! Sneaky way to get some learning and gross motor play in there!

Check out the black balloons we had for his birthday last year here! Because there were so many of these balloons, we just filled up the floor of the dining room with them and ran through then, tossed them in the air, kicked them around, and generally just had fun in any way we could with them!


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