Car Opposites

Cutie Pie has been learning a lot in school and sometimes comes home to teach Sweet Pea in the most creative ways!

Near, Far

Up, Down (the hoods raise and lower)
Forward, Backwards
Roof, Floor

These were the words I repeatedly heard used together the other day when I overheard the boys playing with their cars. (‘That car isn’t near us. It’s far away!’ Cutie Pie says as he and Sweet Pea are rolling cars around after sending one across the room.)

Cutie Pie is a great teacher! Sweet Pea seems to remember a lot of what Cutie Pie does and says and I’m finding he’s remembering these terms, too! He’s also using them in the right context! ‘The train is going forward now, Mommy! Now it is going backward!’ Sweet Pea calls out to me as he plays alone with his trains while Cutie Pie is at school…I look in and sure enough!


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