Car Race Experiment

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Do your kiddos ever take an activity to the next level? Maybe when doing an experiment they offer an alternative to how to carry it out? Possibly when given an art project they take it in an entirely different direction that you had intended? I love it when this happens at our house!

When reviewing the Letter L before Kindergarten started (see here and here) we did a car race experiment after Cutie Pie came up with his own extension of the balloon-powered LEGO car experiment and it was so much fun!

Cutie Pie built a Duplo car, asked me to build a Trio car and Sweet Pea built a Build It car. We took these outside and raced them down a ramp after racing Cutie Pie’s LEGO car against a Hot Wheels car. We talked about what might have helped the winning car win after watching the races several times:

  • the tire sizes (as each car size grew, so did the tire size)
  • the weight of the car
  • the number of pieces the car was made up of (the Build It car lost, but had the fewest pieces)

Cutie Pie’s hypothesis was the weight of the vehicle as well as the tire size were probably the biggest factors in determining the winning car.

The winning vehicle raced a Hot Wheel car!

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