Help Alleviate Back to School Separation Anxiety

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I should have posted this sooner as most kiddos are already back to school, however, if yours is having a little bit of a hard time leaving you in the morning maybe what I did for my kiddos will help. I actually did this the first time for Cutie Pie last year as he went off to Pre-Kindergarten…it helped him a lot!

I sewed a little red heart out of felt, stuffed it so it puffed just a little and placed it in the outside pocket of his backpack. I told him to hold it whenever he missed me to remind him I love him with all my heart. (I must have gotten this idea from a blog or magazine…any ideas where?!)

I also attached a picture of our family to his backpack with instructions to take a peak whenever he needed. I simply slipped it into a document holder (thankful for those freebies from the insurance agency!) punched a hole into it at a strategic point to hold the pic in and used a rubber band to attach it to the backpack.

I mentioned both of these to Cutie Pie’s teachers and they had no problem with either idea and said they’d share the idea with other parents if children had issues leaving their parents to go into class.

Cutie Pie said he did take a glance at the picture several times the first day of UPK, less the next, and even said as late as May that he would sneak a peak when he felt like he needed me. Often times he would sneak the heart into his jeans pocket on his way into class so he could feel it and “feel loved” throughout the day, too!

What other ways have you eased your child’s back to school apprehensions?

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