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First off, I have just noticed I have 25 followers! How exciting! I can’t believe that many people are at all interested in what I do with my kiddos to follow my ramblings! Thank you! Now on to today’s post…

Pastor has charged me with the task of coming up with ideas to revamp the children’s nursery/area at church. The wallpaper is literally peeling off the walls and almost all of the toys in there are hand-me-downs. It’s just feeling, well, a little old and well-used in there. The workers, however, are loving, young-at-heart and like family. Pastor told me to give whatever ideas I had and could gather from others. I have a group of moms of young ones and moms of grade schoolers, moms who attend our church and those who don’t, those who attend church elsewhere and have used their church’s nurseries and moms who have never stepped inside a church except for their wedding. Sounds like a lot of moms, but really altogether it is about 8 ladies, but a good mix, right?!

Anyway, Pastor has challenged me to come up with some ideas that will leave first time visitors saying, “Wow, for a tiny church they REALLY love their children!” (Currently on a Sunday morning we have about 60 in attendance, but are actually in planning mode of increasing the physical size of our church to make room for more!) I’m to bring to him any and all ideas, no holds barred, no expense is too great, no idea too outlandish and am to assume the sky is the limit when it comes to budget. (Wouldn’t that be awesome if it were really that way?!) We have the room to be very creative here as everything is in the planning stage and we can literally build it when the building addition is built!

I’m looking for ideas from you, as you can be totally impartial, having no idea what the room looks like or the type of person who might enter our building income-wise or other…if you were walking into a child’s area and were totally wowed by it, what would you see? A loft with soft cushions and reading material underneath? A dress-up play area? An activity table with table-top toys nearby/underneath? Climbing apparatus in another corner? Please, send me your ideas…the sky’s the limit! And thank you!!

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  1. Angela says:

    1) Sound Proof! We have carpet up and down the walls to dampen noise and a triple pane soundproof window so mothers can still see the service plus it is wired so the service can be heard (or turned downed)
    2) Climbing area
    3) Train table (Thomas is actually very Anabaptist Christian!)
    4) Nursing/napping room (in our church it is only 5×4 feet but is dark and quiet with a rocker and two play pen bassinets)
    5) Foam building blocks (wooden ones are asking for trouble)
    6) Colouring sheets
    7) Snack area with microwave for heating bottles. We have a good supply of crackers and cheerios on hand
    8) A bathroom with change table
    9) Kleenex (lots of Kleenex)
    10)Helpers. The best church I ever went to had helpers that would take and play with babies/toddlers and let me go to the service. I never felt so understood and welcomed. Not every kids will be able to leave mom, but every mom will appreciate an effort.
    11) Make it pretty. The kids really don't care but moms will see and know that care was taken in creating a spot for them

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