Climbing skills

I’ve written before about Sweet Pea’s coordination and climbing skills. It seems to only get better (or worse, depending on how you look at it!) We have a nice playground outside our church and one day last week, between bouts of the stomach flu with both boys, we headed on over there. Sweet Pea is sometimes hard to keep nearby at a large playground, so I thought I was ‘safe’ taking him to a fenced-in, rather small one. Boy was I wrong! Within about 3 minutes he was doing this…

…and managed to join Cutie Pie way up high!

Now, if that doesn’t take coordination and concentration for a 17 month old, I don’t know what does! He must have done this about 15 times while we were there, and never fell! I’m amazed! He just really wants to be a big boy like his big brother!

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