For some time now Cutie Pie has loved to pretend to be a dinosaur, running through the ‘loop’ in our house roaring. Sweet Pea usually wants to play along and until this week has asked to be up in our arms running after Cutie Pie as he pretends to be a tyrannosaurus rex or triceratops. Occasionally he’d offer a roar or two. Sometimes Cutie Pie is cunning enough to manage to get piggy back rides and have us pretending to be dinosaurs too!

The other day both kiddos were running the loop, daddy was running the loop, and they were all trying their best to get me to run with them. However, someone had to manage the camera! They were stopping here and there to ‘eat trees’ (the chair, the couch, the curtains) when they were the taller dinos, and the bushes (the carpet) when they were the triceratops and ankylosaurus. It was a hoot seeing Cutie Pie ‘lumbering’ through trying to imitate how he’s seen dinos walk in the videos he loves!

What really got us laughing this time was Sweet Pea would occasionally drop to the floor and try to ‘eat’ the carpet. He got giggling so hard it was incredibly hard not to join him ‘eating’ because it just got him laughing even more. He was so proud to be playing along. So before I knew it, there lay Sweet Pea, Daddy and Cutie Pie, all face down on the living room floor laughing, ‘eating’ and having a really great time! I actually got laughing so much it was hard to take a picture! It’s so awesome seeing Sweet Pea grow, not just physically (which amazes us every day) but emotionally and socially as well! (The pic above is of Sweet Pea mid-roar with a smile on his face as his Daddy was ‘running the loop’ as a dinosaur!)

I love spontaneous family time, especially when it’s kids driven!