Crafting with Grandma – Quilling

quilling with children
quilled dinosaurs

Cutie Pie has decided he likes to do crafts (maybe this has something to do with loving his art class at school?) and on a recent visit to Grandmas house he had the opportunity to try something he hasn’t done before!

Have you ever tried quilling? It involves making something beautiful simply by rolling thin strips of paper and sometimes pinching the resulting spiral to make leaves, teardrops, scrolls, hearts…You can then place these on a flat surface and leave them as is or work them together to make a scene or all sorts of beautiful things. If you’ve quilled before have you done quilling with children?

My mom makes simple shapes then arranges them into flowers on the fronts of cards, or sometimes even wheels for cars on the kids’ birthday cards. I showed Cutie Pie some pictures of quilling on the internet and he got very excited and talked about what creatures he could make!

This sort of craft involves a lot of fine motor work and patience. Cutie Pie truly enjoyed working with Grandma and made a few dinosaurs out of his (that pic in the upper right)! Very simple, but hard work for him! When we left he asked if we could get the quilling tool that my mom had and some quilling paper so he could make more things! This will turn out to be a great stocking stuffer!

Has your child been introduced to something new recently and loved it? I’m eager to hear about it! Maybe it’s something we can try too!

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