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Over the past two weeks I’ve been posting about encouraging Cutie Pie to write as well as ways to help him get better at it. Today I’m sharing some ways he’s working on his fine motor skills, ways he doesn’t realize he’s learning and developing skills.

Cutie Pie loves to draw, so we’ve been doing a lot of drawing on paper together, as well as coloring. We’ve gotten some How to Draw books out of the library, which Hubby and I have noticed have given Cutie Pie more confidence in drawing. This has seemed to help get him to draw even more than before, which helps (in theory) to get him using the pencil the correct way more often!

We have also gotten him some dinosaur dot to dot books. Getting something he is interested in encourages him to actually complete them. The books we have also tell about the dinosaurs, so we get some reading in there, too.

Cutie Pie loves to do mazes, whether on paper or on my iPad. Of course, dinosaur themed mazes catch his attention the most! There are some letter formation apps available for the iPad as well, but as I have stated before, Cutie Pie doesn’t seem to like learning using methods that appear as learning, and most of the letter forming apps we have found are of no interest to him.

He does, however, love finding hidden objects, and so does Sweet Pea! I found a neat free app, called ABCMysteriez, which is all about finding letters in the picture. (As for most products, to get to higher levels you will have to purchase the full game, but my kids love what is available on the free app.) This reinforces letter recognition, too! I love sneaky learning!

We started this whole endeavor with a strong interest in playing with stickers, so the first thing we did was get a dinosaur sticker book, called Dinosaurs, Sticker Encyclopedia (more than 600 stickers), which he loved and we could see that it definitely helped with his fine motor coordination!

Now it’s your turn. How do you encourage your kiddos to write? What fun ways are they gaining control over their fine motor skills?

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