Eye Dropper Painting

We made our own valentines this year and Cutie Pie gave them out to his classmates! They were so easy and fun to make and have asked to do it again on bigger sheets of paper! This activity is also great for strengthening those little fingers for writing!

  • First we cut heart shapes out of card stock.
  • Then we mixed up some red and some yellow water color paint.
  • We placed the hearts on a tray and I gave each boy an eye dropper.

The idea was that they would drop some paint here and there, pick up the heart, tilting it back and forth to make little paths of paint. However, they had their own ideas (which I knew they would!)

 They had fun simply dropping the paint and letting it go where ever it went, occasionally picking up the hearts to let the paint run off and then placing them on a towel. When we ran out of hearts they asked for more!

Cutie Pie loved this art activity. He talked about the color that was made with the mixing of the paints, swirls and oranges of varying degrees. He also liked the extension activity of writing his classmates’ names on the hearts! Sweet Pea just loved using the eye dropper and making something ‘pretty’.

This was a relatively simple art activity to organize, complete and clean up after. Just the perfect thing for a rainy spring day!


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