Field Trip!

We had to get out of the house today. We decided since it was icky out we’d go to the pet store, a place Cutie Pie loves to visit, but doesn’t get to very often.

Today the hamsters were very active, so were the birds. We talked about what they were eating, where they might have thought they were going while running on the wheel and flying in and out of their nests. Cutie Pie had some great answers and reasons why! I asked Sweet Pea what the hamsters were eating and he said “Rocks”. Cutie Pie saw that they were eating corn kernels and we observed how they were eating them with their little pink toes, which were really pretty cute!
We also looked at the hermit crabs, which fascinated Cutie Pie as one of the videos we borrowed from the local library talked about crabs and their shells. Cutie Pie did a great job ‘educating’ me about how hermit crabs change shells as they grow, just like he learned in the video. He is such a retainer of information!

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