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Affiliate Links imageHave you heard of Mad Libs? (They are fairly inexpensive as you can see by following this affiliate link.) You can make this similar quick writing activity geared towards younger elementary kids for when you just need a few minutes to finish something up if you don’t have any handy!

DIY Mad Libs

This activity can also reinforce parts of speech, like the actual Mad Libs with labels under the blank line, or just be focused on getting your child to write!

Fill in the Blanks – DIY Mad Libs

I made up this simple Fill in the Blanks sheet to give Cutie Pie a quick activity that he could do all on his own (he was 7 at the time) while I finished up a project I was working on. This was so simple! You can come up with a few sentences really quickly and have an activity that will keep your kids occupied!

This is what mine looked like. You can see Cutie Pie’s answers that he filled in.

He really seemed to enjoy this, and I’ve pulled it out of my sleeve several times now (with different sentences of course!)

Now that he’s in second grade I’ve moved from leading sentences (where it’s almost a little riddle he has to fill in the blank for – see above) to more story-like sentences, labeling the part of speech that is missing. This gives me a chance to be creative, too!

Change the Blanks up!

You can vary this writing activity by simply leaving spaces in sentences for the kids to fill in, not indicating whether the word anticipated is a verb, adverb, etc. for those who don’t have this knowledge yet. It will lessen the questions from them.

You can create sentences asking for your child to count a certain number of items. An example of this is “there are ____ windows in our house.”

My boys seem to like this DIY Mad Lib change of pace during ‘boring’ times and I like that I can keep them constructively busy with sneaky learning!

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