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I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend and stayed safe while having fun!

Remember a short time ago I posted about thunder scaring Sweet Pea? Well, this has been quite the weekend for him! Even though we haven’t gone to any fireworks displays this 4th of July weekend, people in our town have decided it’s a good thing to shoot off fireworks at right about the time he goes down for the night!

I decided last night I would just hold him until he fell asleep so he wouldn’t be quite so scared. Poor little guy would be just about asleep and hear one, lift his head to ask me “What’s that noise?” only to lay it down again while saying “Oh, fireworks, I won’t be scared.” I think he finally fell asleep around 9:45, a good hour and a half later than normal! (Of course, partially due to the fact that we had fun at a friend’s house and didn’t get home until a little later than usual…but not that much later!) As a creature of routine, I can only imagine what today will be like mood-wise for him!

In the interest of him staying asleep I did not upload my pics to the computer last night, but will more than likely post at least one for Wordless Wednesday of the boys and their friends popping bubble wrap as their own fireworks in celebration of Independence Day!

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  1. Jen@Mom's Online Garage Sale

    Too cute! I remember when my kids were that age they went through the same thing.

    I am your newest GFC Follower from the Blogelina Forum. I look forward to getting to know you. Have a great week!


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