Happy New Year! Ahem…The holidays were different this year.

If you are following along on Facebook, you’ll know our family came down with the flu in time for Christmas. It never fails, really, for us to get sick on break. I think a lot of teacher families can say that!

Poor Hubby came home the last day of school with the flu and by dinner time was secluded in our room until Monday morning, so sick! Then it was time for Cutie Pie and I to have it and the stomach flu, too! Not. Fun. We were well enough to stick around home and open gifts on Christmas, but had to cancel a Christmas with extended family.
Goodbye 2014
I found myself thinking while I recovered. I thought about my health, my boys’ health, how we are blessed to live in a country that has such excellent health care that colds are a nuisance, not a big health risk. (Although the flu didn’t really feel like just a nuisance.) Blessed to be able to run to the store for our basic needs. Thankful tissues are readily available and that our home has indoor plumbing.

We finally recovered enough to have the time with family that we missed, and were able to travel a few hours to see family we were hoping to catch while they were in town. The favorite parts of Christmas ~ the people we call Family.

But, Christmas was just different, and not because we were still recovering. It was more than that.

December usually brings an excitement…for Christmas…new fallen snow and the wonder it brings…anticipation for a New Year…longing to see loved ones. For some reason the magic of the season has been missing around here. Something I just can’t put my finger on has been lingering, but that is finally starting to float away.

And now to the New Year…

That nasty cough is still rearing its head, but hopefully won’t be around for long…urging me to think about the New Year and the love it will be filled with and the exciting events it will bring.

A few things are in the works to hopefully help make this year a little easier for us moms. Hopefully I’ll share them with you soon, because, honestly I think I’m not the only one a little ‘behind’ by everyone’s standards, for planning out the new year!