Starting the New Year like a New Beginning

In past years I printed out the little forms for everyone to fill out on New Year’s Day and this year was no different. (I used these cute forms from Thirty Handmade Days this year!) For myself, I focus on trying to figure out if I actually accomplished anything the previous year (other than keeping myself, Hubby and the boys alive for another year!) to give myself a little value. Having my boys fill them out is a great way to capture their thoughts and in the future we can look back and see a big picture of how they grew.

This year, though, I wanted to fill one out for different reasons. Sure I wanted to remember what I’d accomplished, but it was more to give myself a clean slate. To allow myself to remember 2014 and let it go. To start 2015 off proactively looking to how I want it to be. I don’t want it to just happen and follow it along like I’ve managed to do since Sweet Pea was born.

While down and out with the flu and stomach flu last week I found myself thinking about a lot of things. I mean, what else is there to do when you’re all sick and you don’t want to watch kid flicks anymore, but no one has the energy to do anything else? It’s not that I usually spend my sick time in deep thought, who has the energy for that?

Having your first child is like having a new beginning, but it is also a time when life could possibly be lived in a fog. And I feel like I might have been in fog land, even though I remember so much. Let me explain.

I found myself realizing that before Cutie Pie was born almost 8 years ago I met life and lived it. Hubby and I would dream of something and take steps to make it happen. We had fun. We went on adventures. We exposed our little baby to some really neat things in his first couple of years.

Then Sweet Pea came along. A truly great thing! But we were tired. So. Tired. Taking care of two, doing our best to raise two boys to love life and love God was so taxing. Exhausting. I let my guard down. Fast forward to last week and I realized I had tired to the point of just waiting for life to happen. It’s like I’ve never gotten over that new-parent-always-tired-from-nighttime-feedngs tiredness. I live my day to day life, but that exhaustion is hanging out in the shadows ready to sneak away any little bit of energy that I might recover. Can you relate? Are you in that stage now?

I found myself staring at the idea that I am reacting to life rather than greeting it and embracing what it has in store for me. I rise to greet what is happening in life rather than waking to greet the excitement of the day with energy. I’m not living life, making plans and being excited about the adventure we are creating, or heck, creating an adventure of my own! I’m not being intentional in the way I greet each day, each moment, each waiting-to-be-created memory.

Intentional living. Purposeful living. Meaningful living. Graceful living. Simple living. Thankful living. Not staying the same.

If you always...New Beginning

If you always…

New Years is a great time to have a new beginning, but it is also a great time to realize you need to do something different. Sometimes you just need to see things from a different perspective in order to figure out that something can change, that something can be different and be better. That’s a great first step, don’t you think?!

I challenge you to step back and take a look at your life, your routines, the way you face each morning. Take one little thing and examine it. Can it be better? Can your attitude towards it change? Can things be more positive?

I’m not asking you to make a big change with me, just to step back and see if there is room for a change to be made for the better.

I have a few posts to share with you about this in the next few weeks. Simple things we can do to be prepared for each day, and to help our children in a few ways, too! Won’t you join me by stopping back, joining my e-mail list or follow along on Facebook?