I Beat “The Hill”

by | Nov 14, 2011 | 2 yr old, 4 yr old | 1 comment

The Forecast: Light snow, little to no accumulation

The Task: Drive with the boys to see Grandma and then stay overnight with Grandpa

The Reality: Light snow became huge accumulating snowflakes about 30 minutes from our destination (Grandma’s) and continued for several hours until slowly melting. One warning phone call from Grandpa came in mid afternoon saying “The Hill” was snow-covered. A few hours later the boys and I left Grandma’s, picked up pizza and headed for “The Hill” while the snow around Grandma’s house continued to melt and rain fell all drizzly from the sky.

I approached the road leading up to “The Hill” and started wondering just how much more snow could possibly be up at Grandpa’s house, only 10 minutes away from where we spent the day, all the while remembering being laughed at in junior high school for wearing a winter coat on a spring day (it had been snowing at my house up on “The Hill”). As I turned onto “The Hill” I knew immediately I was in serious trouble as there were only tracks of 2 cars that tried to drive up it ahead of me and no signs of any salt or dirt on the road. Slipping and sliding we headed up, slowly.

A few minutes later I found our little yellow car at the curve that would determine our destiny for the evening. I knew if my driving skills were spot on we’d be enjoying hot pizza with Grandpa. If not we’d be sitting in Grandma’s driveway eating cold pizza and trying to stay warm while keeping two boys entertained waiting for her to return from her date. We had passed that curve by the time the thought finished in my mind.

The Outcome: I shot up a quick prayer to God, “Please let us make it to Grandpas!” The car crawled, spun, crawled, barely moved, the the wheels caught and started to pull us, slowly, spinning. I decided to gun it about 50 feet below Grandpa’s driveway. I thought I was really done for, heading for the drainage ditch, but the car lurched forward and catapulted into the driveway! I hooped and hollered, high fived Cutie Pie, thanked God and looked over to Sweet Pea, who had been awake at the bottom of the hill and saw him sound asleep!

My boys and I quickly then found ourselves inside Grandpa’s house in front of the fireplace with freezing cold feet as a result of walking in the 5″ of wet, soggy snow that had accumulated. The hot pizza was delicious!

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  1. Gen

    Bravo for making “the Hill.” I was visualizing your trek up the hill as I was reading. So many memories of years of doing just that. Can’t say I miss that, but do miss the beauty of the glistening snow on “the Hill.” Warm pizza (Pepi’s?) by the fire sounds pretty wonderful. Thankful for your safely getting up “the Hill.” We will be doing our Monday night chat with your dad from warm, sunny Arizona!


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