Letter W

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Whale. Watch. Wonder. Wet. Well. Water. We. Wish.

library trip searching for W’s in book titles and getting books on water and the ocean
measured and poured water for experiments (also fine/gross motor)
multiple educational videos/DVDs on the ocean and ocean mammals
ocean experiments using water
reading about oceans, water, ocean mammals
recognizing the letter W
open-ended watercolor painting
we went on several nature walks

Throughout W week we talked a lot about words beginning with W, having a W in them and ending in W (that was hard!) Of course, we ended up talking mostly about water, wet, whales and all the wonder of the oceans and ocean mammals! We also had so much fun with the ocean experiments found in Awesome Ocean Science! by Cindy A. Littlefield, Williamson Publishing. (As I shared yesterday, Grandpa sent the boys some books and newspaper clippings about the ocean while he was in California recently which fit right in with the letter W – water, well, whale.)

Deep water currents, upwelling and hot spots are some of the water/ocean topics we’ve explored through experiments so far and there are plenty more! I’ll only be sharing a few with you this week in hopes that maybe you’ll spur some interest in this wet topic in your kiddos!

In addition to identifying words with the letter W in them, we also talked a lot about how the letters M and W are similar and different. Finally we started holding our first three fingers up whenever we said W in the alphabet, saying the water is held in W like in cups. I don’t know if this little idea will stick with them or not, but for not they are beginning to acknowledge the difference between the two!

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