Listening game

My teacher hubby is awesome!! I’ve been having a bit of a time recently with Cutie Pie listening to me and doing what I ask. We have talked about how this is a sign of respect and honor for his parents (mostly this happens to me, though) and when he doesn’t heed our directions or requests he isn’t honoring us or showing us love. Tuesday was no exception, in fact it was quite intolerable to me. It might have been worse as Sweet Pea had been sick for the few days prior with the stomach bug and was receiving a lot of extra attention as a result. Cutie Pie was definitely acting jealous.

At any rate, when Hubby arrived home I was telling him about our day of Cutie Pie repeatedly ignoring my directions and in general being disrespectful and he almost immediately started playing “The Listening Game” with him. LOVE IT! Sometimes he just gets how to deal with things in a way that is corrective and yet fun. So Cutie Pie spent the next 10 minutes showing me how good a listener he is by Hubby giving simple fun commands like touch your head, touch your toes, run to the living room and when you get back jump up and down 3 times. Cutie Pie even put Hubby through the paces, very creatively I might add! A little while later Hubby jumped right into playing the game and Cutie Pie listened and followed every direction. We’ll see how this effects his listening with every day things, but I’m thinking Cutie Pie might listen a little better as he never knows when he’ll be playing a game!

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